How to Update ShowBox on Android TV Box, Kodi, PC

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Welcome to the ShowBox Update Tutorial. Before we get on with the instructions, ShowBox is one of a kind streaming app to deliver Movies, TV Shows, Music and more onto your Android device. Download and watch high-definition videos even on your Windows PC. To most of our users who have been struggling to update, follow this guide.

ShowBox Update 2017

While opening ShowBox sometimes it might force close or won’t open at all on Android, Windows, iOS, Firestick etc (Irrespective of Device OS). Then it is the correct indication for you to consider Updating ShowBox.

Basically, we update Show Box to get the latest features, fix broken streams and few security patches that existed in the older versions. Users reported that sometimes ShowBox says something like “Unavailable” or “Try a Different Server”. Normally update to the latest version can be done in two ways – Automatic and Manual update.

Automatic ShowBox Update

You don’t need to sweat if you are going to update the ShowBox app automatically. Follow the simple steps.

  • Open the installed ShowBox App on your device.
  • You will be displayed with a loading icon on the screen wait till it completes.
  • Now “Available a new version! Please update your program from our server!
  • Now Tap on ‘Update’ else Remind Me Later‘.
  • Downloading new version. so Wait for a few seconds.
  • If the update doesn’t come automatically then tap on the Menu, watch a Movie or browse something then it might occur.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Frequently during this Auto-update, ShowBox might get closed. So we insist you, go with the manual one.

Update ShowBox Manually

Manual ShowBox update is almost easy until you do it by following the steps below. First, Check your device whether it supports the latest version of the app by viewing the minimum requirements.

Before we proceed with the update – Download the latest updated version of ShowBox APK.

  • Uninstall the Older and Obsolete version of ShowBox from your device.
  • Clear the app cache and defaults.
  • Delete the files stored in your device via the File Manager.
  • Now install the downloaded ShowBox APK file.

The above-mentioned method is very generic and best suitable for all ShowBox on Android devices. You can read about ShowBox is legal or not if you think manual updates are not trustworthy.

How to Update ShowBox on Android TV Box

  • After Starting Android TV Box.
  • Open the App Installer and Tap on the new ShowBox apk from the local disk.
  • Tap on Install on the Package Installer.
  • Now the app will begin Installing.

You check out ShowBox Android TV Box post if any doubts exist with the Installation.

How to Update Showbox on Kodi

If you are here, then you must have already installed ShowBox on Kodi. Now here are is the easy way to update ShowBox. Follow the Steps Below.

  • Open Kodi.
  • Tap on Add-ons.
  • The installed add-ons will be listed.
  • Navigate and Find ShowBox.
  • Right-Click on the ShowBox App and Tap on Information.
  • Now In that turn off the Auto-update.
  • Now Click on the Update button.
  • If any new updates are available it will update ShowBox.
  • Any issues after updating, then temporarily pause the app until it is fixed by clicking on disable.

Updating Show box on PC

Follow the same guide to Install the latest version of ShowBox for PC. Do take in mind to get the new version from ShowBox APK.

ShowBox Update for Firestick

Hope you have downloaded the Showbox on your Android phone or iOS device then updating on firestick can be quite easy with the help of ES Explorer.

  • Open the ES File Explorer on your device.
  • Tap on the Apps.
  • Find ShowBox, Select it and Click on Options.
  • Tap send.
  • Search for the devices near you and Tap on the AFTT if no devices are found then open the ES on Firestick.
  • Tap on OK on firestick.
  • ShowBox will start to transfer to Firestick.
  • Now ShowBox Transfer is Completed.
  • Tap on Install to get the new Showbox update.

We will be discussing in detail on how to tackle the update errors you will be facing. Like the “No Space on SD Card” error which usually happens if your memory limit is exhausted that can be easily solved by clearing redundant files.

ShowBox Update Error

In rare cases, OS might be the issue since it doesn’t support the latest version of the ShowBox App.

  1. Unable to scan for threats – Turn google app verification off. Google >> Touch Security >> Under “Verify apps” turn Scan device for security threats on or off.
  2. INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK – Any version you have downloaded that might not parse properly and will cause this error. so download the ShowBox APK from the above link to avoid this error.

Having Showbox on iPhone, iPad or any Apple devices the updates are not so frequent like the others. If you keep on getting the errors better reinstall the app or clear the cache and it might solve the issue. Still feeling like the app update isn’t up to the mark then there is always some equivalent ShowBox Alternatives. Hope the ShowBox update was pretty useful to you. Start Sharing and Happy Streaming!!

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